4. Introducing Top Balance Changes

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Top Balance Changes

In this table, you’ll be able to track the Top Movers and Top Holders with the highest balance changes over the course of 7 days. The purpose of this table is to reveal the inflow and outflow patterns of Elite Entity Cohorts and further understand their trading behavior.

We accomplished this by tracking a key set of metrics that include the following:


These are the wallet addresses of Top Holders and Top Movers.

Balance Change

This represents an increase or decrease in the number of tokens being held by the wallet address in a 1-day and 7-day timeframe. If the number is green, that means there was an increase in the number of tokens held. If the number is red, that means there was a decrease in the number of tokens held.

We also include the equivalent USD value of the balance change for your reference.

Current Balance

As the name suggests, the Current Balance is the balance in each address. Simple.

Token Share %

This represents the percentage of circulating supply being held by a wallet address. For example, if the total circulating supply of a project was 1000 tokens and you owned 50 of them, your Token Share % would be 5%.

The Token Share % is useful in determining how much influence single entities have on the token price – the higher the Token Share %, the higher the influence.

First Inflow

This shows you how long ago a wallet address had their first exposure to a token. The longer ago it was, the more you should pay attention to what the wallet is doing.


This field is designed to help users better understand the transaction behavior of a wallet address. If the address is marked by us as a specific institution or as a Top Mover or Top Holder of another token, then the corresponding TAGs will be displayed in this column.

In most scenarios, the more tags that appear under a wallet address, the more you should pay attention to it.

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