9. Introducing Exchange Analysis

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How to use Exchange Analysis

In Exchange Analysis, we distinguish the trading volume of individual Tokens in DEX and CEX, so that when analyzing the distribution of Tokens, Concentration Index and Elite Entity Cohorts, we can understand that these indicators actually affect the target Token. how high the level of explanation can be.

The color chart on the left will show the changes in the daily trading volume of CEX and DEX over a period of time; while the Column on the right shows the trading volume and proportion of a single day; because the analysis we use focuses more on the analysis of on-chain data , but there is no way to obtain some detailed data inside CEX. Through Exchange Analysis, we can further understand the circulation status and transaction weight of the target Token in CEX and DEX to measure the degree of influence brought by changes in Elite Entity Cohorts.

This section helps you distinguish the trading volume on DEXs and CEXs, with a chart to help visualize the daily change over time.

  • Helps determine the transaction weight
  • The more DEX volume, the more emphasis you can put on the other parts of our analysis

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